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Vintage Light Balls

Much Ado About The Three of You

Book One of the Much Ado Series


Tidy Tris Turner never imagined being entangled in a love rectangle, but she also never imagined her almost-fiancé, Richard, dumping her. Now her life’s so spun around that she’s somehow landed in a “thing” with her childhood nemesis, Max, the dude who ate his boogers at the middle school bus stop because “he likes salty things,” but she knows it was to gross her out. All the while she’s crushing on Max’s best friend—sexy, yet capricious Andy—who not only seems to get Tris, but also knows how to iron. But neither man should matter, because her top goal is to win back Richard, who’s been her oneness for the last seven years.


And if muddling through that mess wasn’t enough, Tris must also become the wild, big-city woman Richard said he wants. In two months, she’ll get her chance to wow Richard with her transformation at her best friend’s wedding. In the meantime, she can’t let Andy or Max derail her plans.  

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